Baicizhan Intern 2017 4.10-6.20
Seagroup DevOps Engineer 2018 7.04-2019 7.14
Shopee TechOps Engineer: SRE - Order SRE 2019 7.15-2020 3.27
Grab System Operation Engineering 2020 4.6-Present


2013.9-2017.6 Bachelor of Network Engineering in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

2017.8-2018.7 Master of Electrical Engineering in National University of Singapore


First Prize of Public Scholarship (10%, 2016)
National Motivational Scholarship (5%, 2015)
Third Prize of Public Scholarship (20%, 2014)

Skills And Interests

  • Linux Operation: Ansible, Docker, Nginx, Jenkins, Terraform
  • Cloud: AWS
  • Monitor: Zabbix, Promethues, Grafana, DataDog
  • Develop: Go, Python, Django, React, Flask
  • Log Platform: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana
  • Others: Google Sheet Api

National Computer Rank Examination Certification of
Level 2: The C language
Level 3: Network technology
Level 4: Network engineer

Extracurricular Activities

UESTC Volunteer Organization Aug 2015 –”Outstanding Individual” awarded
4 times blood donation
2 mini marathon
Operate foodie WeChat public account 紫荆小炒 (with 1000 + follow)
Like cooking and running.