2019 Reviews

The pasted 2019 is so fast, this blog is to record my progress and regret of 2019.

  • 2019 I migrate from seagroup to shopee due to organize migration, I can learn more complex and advanced architecture.
  • Read 4 books, http, linux security, promethues, golang.
  • I begin to learn algorithm and golang.
  • I have more experience in ELK, Zabbix, Promethues and Network
  • I begin to learn front-end react to develop shopee CDN platform.

I also make some difference in my work, Ocha project migrate to new cluster, add more monitors for shopee order team. But there are also some regret.

  • Less chance to gym and exercise, so weight increase.
  • Never go out for travel in 2019.
  • Oral English still so bad, need more practice.
  • No some special area. I plan to deep into ELK

What I will do in 2020 ?

  • More exercise, keep weight around 70 kg
  • Learn elk and pass Elastic Certified Engineer
  • Read book 《Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment》Third Edition
  • Continue to learn algorithm one question one week.